What is Spiritual Direction?


 What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction  is a relationship between two people – the directee and the Holy Spirit. The director only acts in the service of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of Spiritual direction is to bring the person seeking direction,   to a closer relationship with God and then respond to the voice of God. This short video explains Spiritual Direction.

We may not always be aware of God’s presence, but he is always there whether we acknowledge HIM or not. A spiritual Director is there to remind us that not only is God always present to us, but he loves us and is caring for us at all times

I hope this blog is a constant  reminder  of God’s loving Presence in our lives. There are times when we believe that we have so many problems that God could not possibly be ‘there’. I call  these the desert moments. I hope this will be like an oasis in the desert bringing the water that is Christ to you.

Hope is a walk away




5 thoughts on “What is Spiritual Direction?

    • Anne, congratulations ! As I was telling Judith, the info contained here certainly dissolves the “mystery” and therefore the apprehension when one contemplates Spiritual Direction. God bless! There is hope in the desert!

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