Anne Smith
Anne Smith

Hello’ my name is Anne Smith. Welcome!

This blog was designed for people who sometimes need a reminder that God is always near, even in ‘desert moments’. I pray you find hope in these posts.

I am a Spiritual director trained at the Emmaus Retreat Centre in Trinidad  by Fr. J. Mc Hugh, a Jesuit priest and Sister  Mary Ann Clifford ,a Sister of Mercy of The Mercy Center, at  Berlingame,  California,USA. .

Spiritual Directors accompany us on  our journey,  in the good  and bad times.  Spiritual Direction is open to anyone who would like to improve their relationship with God. The message of Spiritual Direction is that God is a merciful God who is always welcoming us to Him.

If you are in Trinidad and Tobago and would like to experience Spiritual Direction, please contact the Emmaus Centre in Arima and they will    suggest a Spiritual Director who will be a companion in your spiritual journey. The Emmaus Spiritual directors live all over Trinidad and Tobago. Please call 667-3576 or 667-5365.

Be blessed



4 thoughts on “About

    • thank you my love
      spread the word
      I am studying to be a spiritual director and this is one way to get us talking the same language
      Love blessings and gratitude always


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