Find meaning in our environment

Pope Francis is extremely concerned with our environment, in his latest encyclical, , Laudato  si, he quotes Saint John Paul II who claimed that we do not see meaning in our environment. Let us take some time to  reflect on our environment and our responsibility to our “common home”.

One of the best places to take time out of our busy lives – in order to reflect  on any topic (including the Presence of God in our lives and/or the environment) is  at a retreat house.  There are day retreats and overnight retreat houses all over the world including Trinidad and Tobago.One I particularly enjoy is The Emmaus Centre in Arima,  Trinidad.

. This retreat house boasts spacious air conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms.


The meals are  delicious and well balanced. Did I mention that the food was delicious? The meals are served buffet style and retreatants have been known to have seconds and even  thirds.


There are conference rooms equipped with the latest  technology allowing internet access for all of your communication needs.You can Skype in speakers and/or have video-conferences.

The chapel is available for Masses or silent prayer.

chapel (1)

I pray you make a visit to this Retreat Centre soon and may the experience deepen your relationship with our Heavenly  Father and his creation – the planet.

You can book your retreat by contacting the Centre at 667-5365 or by emailing



The Spiritual Exercises


I hope and pray we all had a good week and that this week would be even better than the one gone by.

This week I think we should look at St Ignatius of Loyola. This was a ladies man and a soldier. He was, by his own admission arrogant –  and HE  founded the Jesuits – that is The Society  of Jesus.

The important thing to take away this week is that God loves us just the way we are. That means right here right now.

Our present Pope – Pope Francis is a Jesuit. We might want to know the tradition of the Jesuits to help us understand his perspective.

I hope and pray this short youtube video will  introduce us to St. Ignatius. (By the way there are many great videos on youtube about everything ‘Jesuit”. The Spiritual exercises, the examen and videos that explain the various jesuit terms e.g. consolation,St. Ig desolation etc)

May the Holy Trinity be with you and shower you with

Love and blessings


Remember, if you need a Spiritual Director, in Trinidad –  please contact the Emmaus Centre in Trinidad. (see contact information by clicking the ‘About’ page at the top of this post.




The Examen

The Examen is a nightly prayer that was given to us by St Ignatius of Loyola. We can also do it at midday if you wish. Jesuits are encouraged to do it twice a day.

It is one way to become aware of the Presence of God in our daily lives.  We review our day (or morning) with thanksgiving for all of the blessings we have received. We also ask God to help us see where we could have done things better.

We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and accompany us on this review of the day. Some people also imagine Jesus sitting next to them as they go through the day.

This is always a very gentle exercise. When we have come up short – we ask Our God to give us the grace to do it better next time. We never beat-up on ourselves. Remember we are in the LOVING Presence of our God.

We can go to YouTube and find many versions of this prayer. There is an Examen prayer card at – or you may try the following steps:

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Begin with the sign of the Cross and see yourself in God’s Presence.  This is your meeting place with God. It could be at your desk or on your bed – in a chapel- anywhere you can spend a few minutes with your God.

2. Review your day – Give thanks for the times when you were aware of the Presence of God in every person you met –  and in every situation.  The times you did not become aware of God – ask for HIS pardon and the grace to see HIM next time.

3. Look at your emotions  – what energized you? What drained you? What was God saying to you?

4. Pick one experience of the day and pray on and about it. See what God wanted you to learn from this. ( You may want to use a journal to track the growth of your relationship with God).

5. Look forward to tomorrow with hope. Plan your day with God. Ask  Him to let you be able and willing  to see Him in every Person you meet and in every situation.  Most of all ask His grace to be a light and an example of Jesus To everyone you encounter.

6. End with a a short prayer like the Our Father or the Hail Mary or The Glory be. you may want to ask St. Ignatius to pray for you and end with the sign of the Cross.

This should be a short prayer and should take around five to fifteen minutes. Make it your own. Use the steps as guidelines not mandates. Remember it is a meeting with you and your God.

Please enjoy this short video on how to do the Examen.

I hope that video showed you how simple an examine is. Notice the steps are not written in stone.  You may want to use google or youTube and look for other versions of the Examen and come up with a format best suited to you and your present circumstances.

Here is another video that tells about the examen from many different perspectives. It is short an I hope very informative:

So, that’s it for this week!

May we walk in the loving Presence of The Holy Trinity

Blessings, GgS



Improving our relationship with God


Happy New year

This year I will try my best to be faithful to my blog. That is my only resolution for this year.

I would love to start the year with really having a relationship with God. Here is hoping that you join me and together we will improve our relationship with our God and each other.

The first thing is we should know is –   Who is  God?  God is always revealing himself and from the Bible we learn that God is good. God is love. God is light. God is merciful, kind and generous.

Let’s start with God is Love,  this week. If God is love – He will only want the best for us;  so we can conclude that everything that happens to us  is for our good. A lover cares for us. Makes sure we are okay. May even sacrifice for us We are a priority in the life of God not an option.

Jesus himself tells us to love our neighbour as ourselves. This Marvin Gaye song ‘God is love’ sums it all up. Can you believe it? – Even Marvin Gaye can teach us about the love of God.


There is also a different version to this song – as a matter of fact it is a version I prefer but I could not find the entire song. Please enjoy this fragment of my preferred version:

My prayer

Dear God, Holy Trinity  – please let us make you a priority in our lives today and always. Thank you for loving us and making us a priority in your life.

So as we go through this week – let us make a conscious effort to love God – spend some time with him and tell him – w e love Him and above all TREAT OUR NEIGHBOURS WITH LOVE. Remember, that is every one we meet.

with love and blessings


The Examen

I am sorry – but this week I am unable to write my blog due to social and work obligations. That sounds good doesn’t it ? The truth, however, is I did not have the time to post my blog due to poor time management.

I know the topic – It is the examen.  THIS IS NOT AN EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE AND NO I DID NOT SPELL THE WORD INCORRECTLY. So next week , please God, I will write the blog  – and the topic will be the Examen.

You can go to the internet and look up the Examen by St. Ignatius and see if you do not fall in love with this form of prayer – just as I did.

Remember you can find spiritual directors throughout  Trinidad and Tobago by calling the Emmaus Centre in Arima at 667-3576 or 667-5365

Have a great week




Welcome to this week’s post.

Today I would like to talk about Lectio Divina. Pope Francis  ( in Joy of the Gospel #152) says, among other things,  that Lectio is a way of listening to the Lord and allowing ourselves to be transformed by the Spirit. He also says that Lectio is not separate from studying The Word of God.”The Spiritual reading of a  text must start with its literal sense.” Pope Francis (ibid) .

I know that women are busy. It seems that we do not have the time to pray the way we want to. This blog keeps this fact firmly in mind –  so here is a suggestion: instead of doing the Lectio in one sitting, break it up into daily segments over the week. Use the following Sunday’s Gospel and for example  – on Monday we may do the reading in the literal sense. We may want to use a commentary for this. A good commentary is – The Collegeville Bible Commentary – available at – The Pax Abbey Shop – at Mount St. Benedict.

(I prefer this one because of the simplicity of the language.  There is another commentary, The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, which is also available at Pax. This one is better suited to students of theology, lay ministers, catechists and the clergy. It takes some time just to figure out the layout of the book,  in my opinion it is not an easy read).

Tuesdays we may want to start dealing with the questions suggested by Pope Francis (in Joy of the Gospel #153)and continue  daily – or you may do one question per day from the video by Father Jim Martin below.

There are many different ways of doing a Lectio. I was introduced to one for children last month. This was done by the Dominican sisters and included drawing.

I pray this helps you with your Spiritual practice






Who should seek spiritual direction

Spiritual Direction is open to everyone. Anyone who would like to deepen their relationship with God will benefit from having a spiritual director. God would love to be in an intimate relationship with all of us. Your director accompanies you on this journey.

Here is a short video clip, I pray that it is helpful.

Now you know why we all need a spiritual director, go out and get one! Those of you who live in Trinidad and Tobago please call, EMMAUS RETREAT CENTRE in Arima at 667-3576 or 667-5365. This Catholic retreat house will put you in contact with trained directors throughout the country.